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Internacional Patients

Our International Program is a complete service for patients visiting our clinic from countries outside the Brazil. International Program staff – including physicians, administrators, interpreters, and international care liaisons – coordinate all aspects of each international patient’s visit to the clinic and the hospital. From managing medical consultations and hospital admissions to travel and hotel arrangements, our staff are committed to making international patients and their families feel comfortable during their stay.

Our International provides:

* Assistance with hospital admission;

* Coordination of all patient appointments with specialists for consultation, diagnosis, and medical procedures;

* Executive medical examinations;

* Facilitation of second opinions;

* Advance financial and billing arrangements, including detailed estimates and consolidation of invoices from various care providers;

* Appointments for family members who request routine and preventive medical care;

* Advice and assistance with home care services.

Personalized Care

Our exceptional medical expertise is matched by our commitment to personalized care. From our patients’ initial inquiries through their follow-up medical care back home, our liaisons act as a single point of contact to assist patients throughout their stay.

Our liaisons can arrange for the following services:

* Interpretation services in 10 languages;

* Transportation, including airport pickup and ground or air ambulance;

* Hotel or long-term lodging arrangements for patients and their families;

* Personal escorts to appointments and specialized procedures;

* Private duty nurses or nurse assistants;

* Special meals honoring dietary requirements;

* Arrangements for special cultural or religious needs;

* VIP concierge services for shopping, dining, sightseeing, and special Boston-area events.

Our international care liaisons serve embassies, consulates, foreign governments, insurers, and individual patients around the world.

Our philosophy is to charge ‘real and decent prices’ for all our patients, our tradition and values are still the same since the beginning in 1997, high class services and client satisfaction.

We do not use any concierge service and do not promote any vacation package with Plastic Surgery, our patients deal directly with us. We believe Plastic Surgery is a serious matter and should be performed by highly skilled and experienced Cosmetic Surgeon.

Plastic Surgery involves practicing technically demanding surgery that is also an art. Our primary aspiration with our knowledge and experience is to help our patients understand what can be done, fully inform them as to benefits and risks and perform the surgery with the highest standards.

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Autor: Dr. Alexandre Senra (CRM/SP 95678)

O cirurgião plástico Dr. Alexandre Senra se formou em Medicina no ano de 1991 na Faculdade de Ciências Médicas de Minas Gerais, em Belo Horizonte, tendo feito sua especialização obrigatória para ser cirurgião plástico. Possui Título de Especialista em Cirurgia Plástica pela Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica (SBCP), referendado pela Associação Médica Brasileira (AMB) e Conselho Federal de Medicina (CFM).



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